NCACES 2020 Conference Cancelled

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCACES Executive Council has cancelled the 2020 NCACES Conference that was scheduled to be held in Omaha, NE, October 15-17. This was a difficult decision to make, though it is a decision that we believe promotes persons’ wellness, supports current stay-at-home measures that may be in place for the foreseeable future, and protects the region’s financial health.

During our next regional conference cycle, 2022, NCACES will hold our conference in Omaha, NE, October 13-15 at the Embassy Suites Downtown Omaha.

If you submitted a proposal for the conference, you will still receive an accept or decline decision despite the conference not being held. Our aim with this decision is to provide members, especially those who are early career or need presentations to support their dossier, with an accepted presentation (if applicable). For those of you to whom this applies, we recommend noting on your CV that your presentation was accepted though not presented due to the conference being cancelled in response to COVID-19.

We are in the process of planning virtual meetings, webinars, etc. to meet members’ needs. These events will occur over the course of the next several months. Although these virtual offerings are not a substitute for the in-person experiences you have when attending NCACES conferences, we hope they will offer a sense of community and top-notch educational opportunties you have come to expect from NCACES conferences.

Please reach out to NCACES leadership with any questions or concerns you may have.