NCACES Call for Mentors
Emerging Leaders Program 2018-2019

The NCACES Emerging Leaders Program is calling for mentors for the 2018-2019 year. The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to facilitate leadership development and identification of service opportunities for doctoral students and first year assistant professors in counselor education and supervision. The program has three main areas of focus: service, leadership development and connectivity within the NCACES region and the ACES national membership.

As part of this program, emerging leaders will a) participate in a pre-conference workshop and other conference activities; b) serve in an NCACES committee for one year; c) volunteer to help with the emerging leaders program for the 2019 ACES conference or the 2020 NCACES Conference.

Mentorship is a vital part of leadership development, and is integral to our Emerging Leader programming. We are looking for individuals who:
- Are NCACES members
- Strongly identify with and are committed to the field of counselor education and supervision
- Have served in service or leadership positions in counseling and counselor education (local, state, regional or local) in the past three years
- Are willing to mentor one emerging leader in the 2018-2019 year which includes one meeting (live or on-line) every other month in addition to a brief introductory meeting at the NCACES 2018 conference
- Are invested in helping mentees connect with NCACES membership
- Are willing to share their stories of leadership and service

Mentor applications are due June 29, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. CST. Mentors will be notified June 10, 2018. Self-nominations only please.

Applications include:
- A completed online form found here:
- A statement that: a) outlines past and current leadership and service engagement (local, state, regional or national) and b) details how the mentor would like to support their mentees

For more information please contact:

Susannah M. Wood
(319) 335-5050

Marty Jencius