NCACES Call For Emerging Leaders

NCACES is excited to announce the call for our region’s emerging leaders program. The program consists of a pre-conference workshop at the 2018 NCACES conference in Cleveland, along with other conference activities and post-conference committee membership. Emerging leaders will be strongly encouraged to participate as volunteers in the 2019 ACES Conference.

Applications are due: June 29, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. CST

The NCACES Emerging Leaders program is designed to facilitate leadership development and identification of service opportunities for doctoral students and first year assistant professors in counselor education and supervision. The program has three main areas of focus: service, leadership development and connectivity within the NCACES region and the ACES national membership. As part of this program, emerging leaders will:
- Participate in a pre-conference workshop and other conference activities
- Engage with mentors in the field
- Serve in an NCACES committee for one year
- Volunteer to help with the emerging leaders program for the 2019 ACES conference or the 2020 NCACES Conference

Participation in the pre-conference, Thursday October 17, 2018, and service in an NCACES committee is a requirement for all emerging leaders.

Eligible emerging leaders are doctoral students and first year assistant professors in counselor education and supervision. Selected emerging leaders should demonstrate: a) NCACES membership; b) a commitment to the profession of counselor education and supervision; c) past service to the fields of counseling and/or counselor education and supervision through local, state, regional or national activities; d) dedication to the forwarding the vision of NCACES including the role of emerging leaders in that vision: NCACES advances professional counseling through counselor education, supervision, research, service, and leadership. Eligible candidates who identify with historically marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications are due online before June 29, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. CST

Candidates will be notified July 10, 2018. Self-nominations only please. Applications include:
- A completed online form found here:
- A CV - which can be uploaded via the application form
- A statement that details the candidates’ demonstration of the criteria listed above

Submit your Online Application at:

For more information please contact:

Susannah M. Wood
(319) 335-5050

Marty Jencius