NCACES Call for Elected Positions for 2020-2021
Consider running for an elected office in NCACES!

Please see the list and description of elected officers.

The process for nominations and elections is the following:

1. Potential candidates for the regional ballot should:
a. send the following to Dr. Cassie Storlie ( a statement of intent to run for the chosen office including two paragraphs that will appear on the web-based ballot form that describes the candidate’s qualifications for the office and/or pertinent skills and attributes that the candidate possess relevant to that office (due no later than Friday November 1st at noon Central Time);

b. Have AT LEAST 10 NCACES members indicate their support for your nominations. To do this, email this link to potential supporters. The nomination support form requires their name (nominator), your name (nominee), a statement of support including the office you are running for, and their ACA/ACES/NCACES membership number. All nominees must have their 10 supporting nominations no later than Friday November 1st at noon Central Time—at which time the nomination support form closes.


2. Voting members will receive a link to an online ballot the week of November 11, 2019. Voting members are required to report their NCACES membership number (which is their ACA membership number) in order to cast their vote.

3. Officers will be confirmed no later than the third week of November 2019.