Get Involved with NCACES 2019-2020

Thinking about getting involved in NCACES? There are lots of ways to join!

1. Officers and elected positions in NCACES. Consider running for Secretary-elect, member-at-large-elect, and president-elect-elect for 2019-2020. Interested in running? See the elections and nominations information page and the description of offices.
2. Committee membership. We have many different committees that contribute to the overall functioning of NCACES.
3. National service. Have you served with NCACES before? Consider a future on the ACES governing council. ACES will be calling for a slate for president-elect-elect and secretary-elect-elect in late 2018-early 2019.

Here are a few things that our current leaders have to say about leadership and service.

Leadership is….
• Service, time, new ideas, working with people who share a vision, moving the profession forward.
• strengthening our profession and creating growth. It challenges your skills and allows a person to grow and become stronger while facilitating the same in others.
• the ability to have an impact on the trajectory of an organization in a way that is congruent with your strengths and identity.
• creativity, innovation, and organization.
• Being a part of something bigger than yourself.
• Working through challenges collaboratively with people who will challenge you.
• Listening to the needs of the community/organization, and determining how to best meet these needs.
• Not knowing everything, but knowing who to ask and knowing how to use your resources.
• Intentionality in planning, scheduling, communicating, setting aside time for action tasks and planning.

When considering service...
• Assess your strengths and choose a position that’s a fit. Consider your current obligations and service history, and select a position congruent with both.
• Determine what role might best fit your current skills and what roles might challenge you and allow for personal growth.
• Think of 2-3 main objectives/platforms you are interested in and work on those.
• Think about what of your skills in leadership you would like to ‘bring to the table’.
• Think of those leaders and mentors in your past that have inspired you – what traits would you want to utilize as a leader yourself?

Consider running for a leadership position in NCACES if/because…
• you want to make a contribution and make a difference! NCACES leadership can be fun and invigorating, and it can stimulate ideas in your day to day work.
• leadership from diverse backgrounds and persons with unique experiences strengthens the region
• New insights and feedback are valued.
• It is a great way to network with others, outside of your own state lines.
• You want a better understanding of regional issues related to counselor education.
• It’s a way to improve, modify, change policies that guide the region.